June 27, 2014


  • 地球第二日。 我还没有办法看清这个世界的样貌。 空气不是很好。 但人的身体很温暖。


  • 这一天。 我出生了。 他们说,你会先有一个名字,代表你自己。 又有人说,后来你还会有另外一个名字,但你得自己去找。

April 24, 2011

HueVicky's Dolls, Accessories & Bikinis featured in Newtide May 2011 issue.

Hue Vicky's Dolls, Bikinis, Accessories featured in the Newtide May 2011 issue.

Thankyou so much for giving me the chance.
Thanks for all your support:)

Hue Vicky's Bikini & The Sleepy Rabbit

Hue Vicky's Accessory & The Bear

Hue Vicky's Accessory & Dolls

April 6, 2011

Special Made (101)

All the item in this section is specially dedicate from my beloved customers & friends to their special one.

Of Course, all the dolls and accessories listed in here is HueVicky's 101 (One & Only One) Edition.:P

Special made,order from Kok wei,is for his wife birthday present.

November 19, 2010

The Chef Piggy

Selling price : RM 120
Size :6 to 8 inch

Place your order now!:)
You can also provide me your own IDEA, SIZE, COLOR preference and i will design it for you:)